Saturday, November 26, 2011


Are the Americans tired of turkey leftovers yet?  I had a double helping of leftovers on Friday.  One was turkey and the other was of Leftovers II from the print exchange hosted by Amy Nack of Wingtip press.  I talked about it earlier in the year here.

One set of prints has been traveling around to different venues (I believe it is in New Zealand now).  Another set Amy kept to be auctioned off to raise money for a charity.  I got up somewhat early on Friday to help Amy hang the prints.  It was more fun than shopping.

So come get your Leftovers at the Sockeye Grill and Brewery, which is hosting the silent auction.  The bidding starts at $10 for each print.  While you are there, have a brew to go with your Leftovers.  Amy put in a lot of work to make this happen.  Please support the cause.

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