Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Market Recovery

I wish I could talk about an exciting stock market recovery, but it is just me recovering from a weekend at the Wintry Market.

I think I was well prepared for the event.  (I would hope so after taking a couple of weeks to get ready for it.)  The only thing I didn't bring, and I have put this on the market to-bring list (if I decide to do another) is medicine.  I had a terrible headache on the second day and asked my husband and daughter to bring me some Excedrin, which they did.  And it helped.

Here is what my "booth" looked like all set up.  Each vendor had a 6' x 6' space, which I found to be pretty small when I did a trial set-up in my living room.  Fortunately, I know one of the organizers and asked if there was any wiggle room.  She switched me to the end of a row so I could have a little extra space.  I think that worked out better.

The long table is one I rented, but I did put the risers under the legs so it would be easier for people to look at the stuff on the table.  The design wall is the one I built.  The wood pieces all come apart to make for easier transport.  I have a piece of felt hanging from curtain rods, that are also removable.

If I built another one, I would do it a little differently.  But this one stood up and worked fine.  Plus, I got the wood for free.

The little table on the right is a rolling butcher block that I keep my paper cutter on at home.  It ended up being perfect because it has a couple of shelves underneath to keep things.  I was also able to load it up to wheel in most of my stuff. I also brought my own chair.

Here's a general view of the event from just inside the entrance to the auditorium.  My booth is in the middle of the picture at the back corner of the auditorium.  It was fairly packed in there as each of those tables are 6' wide.

They had a little area where kids could make ornaments and a few tables to sit at and have a snack or rest.

And speaking of snack,  I'm so glad my booth was not anywhere near these goodies so I would have had to stare at them all day.  They all looked wonderful and at the end of the last day, Big City Coffee divvied up what was leftover and passed them out to us vendors.  Yum! I thought that was very nice of them.

This was my first time at any kind of event like this.  It was a good learning experience.  I did a few small sales, got to talk to some people about my artwork and got some new names on my mailing list.

And a big bonus is that I spent some time beforehand attaching labels and sleeves or some kind of hanging unit on the backs of pieces, and getting things put in the clear bags.  So, they can all be stored just like that.

My friend, Kathleen, was nice enough to take this picture for me.  I was so glad that she was just "around the corner" and not too far away so we could talk when things were a little slow.

One major project down and several more to go this month.  I have some button necklaces still and will try to get those in my Etsy shop along with some of these smaller artworks.

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Pam McKnight said...

I'm so glad you posted about this event because I was wondering how it went. I didn't get a chance to get down there but had a lot of friends in it. Do you think they will do it again next year?
your booth looks good!