Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Winter Windows Part 2

I painted my second window today.  Although the thermometer showed a much warmer temperature than Sunday, it felt much colder.  It was cloudy and the wind was blowing.  I started in the afternoon.

I thought since it took me so long I would enlist Anna's help, since I needed to start after the Zen Bento lunch rush.
Here's Anna working for a few minutes, before she got too cold and had to go inside to have miso soup.

I chose to paint winter fortune cats to go along with the oriental restaurant.  They even had a couple of the cats sitting by the register (I didn't know this when I came up with the design).  I painted five cats all together.

Four cats are painted on this side above (you can only see three) and one is painted around the corner on the other side.

To make it easy for myself, I drew the cat outline on a piece of paper that I could tape to the inside of the window and trace on the outside.  Then I rolled in the white body.  After that it was free handing the black outlines and everything else.

You can see they have different colored attire, themes and characters on their tummies.  As it was starting to get dark and I was quite cold (do you know how hard it is to paint outlines when your hand is shaking?), I was hurrying at the end to fill in the rest of the colors.

We packed up, got some dinner and went home.  I was looking through the pictures and realized one of the mittens that was suppose to be red, didn't get painted.  So I went back in the evening and painted it and took these pictures, which turned out better with the flash when it was dark (except for the last one which I did earlier).

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