Monday, November 14, 2011

Traffic Box Design

Some of you that may have seen my Facebook page already know that I have finally visited "my" traffic box to see how the design turned out.  I took some pictures and was pleased at how well the stitching shows up.  You can even see the texture of the fabric if you are very close.  However, they didn't orient it the way I requested, but it is fine.

The bicycles were hand stitched and I really like the hand stitches in the river.  They stand out more than the machine stitching.  But you can still see the machine stitching.

Each traffic box is a little bit different in structure.  They are not all exactly same.  This one had some parts that stick out.  I liked the mini design this rectangle created.

The colorful rectangles are an abstraction of buildings.  They don't really represent specific buildings downtown.  But I did hand stitch some initials on different blocks to represent many of the art organizations and supporters based downtown.  This one has BCT, representing Boise Contemporary Theatre, stitched at the top of the blue rectangle.

Other initials: BW = Boise Weekly, ICA = Idaho Commission on the Arts, TMP = Trey McIntyre Project, BCAH = Boise City Department of Arts and History.  I also did the little symbol that looks like a dancer that is on the Esther Simplot Performing Arts building. You really have to search for them.

I had BAM for the Boise Art Museum, but unfortunately the letters ended up on one of the cracks of the box and you can't really see it.  I also had BSU and IDT, which is Idaho Dance Theatre, but I think those got cropped off.

Here is the original again.

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