Monday, March 7, 2011

Leftovers II

Last year I participated in the Leftovers Print Exchange that local artist Amy Nack hosted.  There were many artists involved in creating prints that would be exchanged, with one set being exhibited in different locations (Eagle, Idaho, Reno, Nevada and Salt Lake City, Utah).  I believe there were around 65 artists. I created a linocut bird for that exchange. 

Amy is hosting Leftovers again this year.  This year she has over 130 artists participating.  I can't wait to see all the work (I'll have to wait for one of the exhibits because we only get 12 works in the exchange).  I decided this year I was going to use leftover fabric scraps to do my prints on, instead of leftover paper scraps (the premise is to use leftover paper scraps from other prints that are no more than 5" x 7"). 

I chose to pull out scraps of fabrics in warm colors.  Then I carved a "stamp" out of eraser like material and block printed on the fabrics.  I printed more than I needed as I knew some prints would not turn out so well.  I used a Speedball printing ink.  What I was really excited about was I had planned to do hand stitching on each one so that each piece would be different.

As I was doing the hand stitching, I realized there could be infinite combinations with different color threads and stitches on the pattern I printed.  I printed them all in black but could continue with printing with a light color on dark fabrics or different color inks on different color fabrics.  See? Infinite possibilities with just one pattern.  Anyway, I had 14 to drop off to Amy and I have four leftover (ha, ha).

 Crossed #5

Crossed #7

Crossed #12 

Crossed #10
(this one is a brighter red than shows up here)

 All are block prints on hand dyed fabric, hand stitching
approx. 4-1/2" square
$25 each 

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