Monday, March 14, 2011

Color Fields #1

I was waiting to show you some of the pieces I have finished since the beginning of the new year until I had taken good photos of them.  But that requires some involvement of other things, so I've decided to just show you the point and shoot version right now.

Color Fields #1
hand dyed fabrics, machine pieced
machine quilted
41-1/2" x 27"
© 2011 Lisa Flowers Ross 

I am working on a series of these "color fields".  They are inspired by aerial views of tulip fields. Hence the colors that I don't tend to use very much (pinks and purple).

Although I think the spring season and thoughts of new blossoms also might have had some influence.  I have noticed that the last couple of years I have been working in colors that kind of go with the current season. 

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