Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Unlike much of the country, we have not been buried in snow here this winter.  We are experiencing our spring weather now and, as Anna said, the "lion" has arrived.  The last few days we have seen all kinds of weather within the span of a day - snow, hail, rain, sun, sleet.  Today, however, eventually turned out quite nice.  Perhaps the "lion" was resting for a day.

At one point I was in the kitchen.  I looked out the window and saw two small spots of yellow in the yard. Our first flowers.  I think these must have been transplanted by a squirrel or something. 

I went outside to take a closer look and found many sprouts poking out from underneath the winter debris.


The Twelve by Twelve's next color challenge is chartreuse.  Perhaps I could find some inspiration here somewhere.

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