Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Brown, Sage, Blue

hand dyed and commercial fabrics,
machine pieced, machine quilted
19-1/2" x 12-3/4" 
© 2011 Lisa Flowers Ross

First, I just wanted to note a correction from yesterday.  I had said that I thought it was easier to do a free motion straight line by pulling the fabric toward me, but what I meant was the opposite. I think it is easier to do the straight line pushing the fabric away.

Now that that is clarified, the piece above is my "play-along" piece for the Twelve by Twelve group's latest color challenge of brown, sage and blue.  Please visit their blog to see the variety with which this color scheme was interpreted (scroll down to see artwork).  (Did you know that they just had a book released about the first two years of their project?  Info. on their blog.) 

When they announced this color scheme, I thought it was great because I love sage green and earthy browns and blues are good, too.  Nothing specific came to mind, but living in Idaho I see those colors all around in the landscape.  As with Terry, I tend to think of sage green with the more silvery gray color like the sagebrush we see so often.  But as I pulled out fabrics, I realized I also see it with the more yellow hue as shown in Deborah's paint samples.

I wanted to use up some of my scraps for this, so just started pulling out what I could find.  I have plenty of sage green.  As I was laying them out to see what I had, I liked the way they were layered on top of each other and decided to create the artwork just as it was.  I ended up with what I like to call a Layered Landscape.  These colors also suggested landscape to several of the "Twelves".   

Sometimes while I am working on a piece a title will come to mind.  Nothing did for this one and I kept referring to it in my mind as BSB (for brown, sage, blue) and therefore, that is what the title is.  Or maybe it should be BBS or SBB since that is the order they are in in the artwork. 


Diane said...

I love that you play along with us, Lisa, and I'm always delighted to see what you do with the theme. Your layered landscape has a lovely feel to it. It's interesting to me that you put the brown at the top -- and it still reads so clearly as landscape. Your printed fabric choices work so well, too!

Gerrie said...

Beautiful use of the colors. Love the bit of blue peeking through.

Kristin L said...

The colors didn't immediately say landscape to me when Deborah announced them, but now, seeing everyone's landscapes, I wonder why!? These colors make gorgeous landscapes and I like that yours is just a suggestion, not a specific place. The bit of blue gives it a nice spark. Thanks for playing along!

Françoise said...

I love your landscape quilt Lisa.