Thursday, September 30, 2010

Someone Else's Art

While I had my mat cutter out getting my pieces framed, I also finally got around to cutting some mats for several pieces of art that I had purchase, but had yet to frame.  I like to make art and I also like to buy art.  I can't afford expensive pieces, so most of what I purchase are smaller pieces.  Some have a similar aesthetic to my work, but most do not.  I have quite an eclectic collection.  Most of the art hanging in my house is done by other artists (not my own work).  A few pieces are from local artists, some are from other places around the country and I even have some work by someone living in Europe.  That's what the internet can do for you.  And I feel good about supporting other artists.

My latest acquisition is a piece made by Lisa Hochstein.  She lives in California and I found her art through The Textile Blog.  Click on her link to see more of her works.  I like many of her pieces, but felt I could only afford a small one.  I would love to have several of her pieces, but I will enjoy the one I have now.

 Lisa Hochstein
Intermezzo 42
(photo reproduced with permission of artist)

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Terry said...

Wow. Isn't that fabulous? I love it.