Thursday, September 2, 2010

D.D. day

Yesterday was the Twelve by Twelve reveal day, but it was also what I consider diet Coke and Dessert day!  Yes, I have made it about three weeks without those two things.  I imagined having a diet Coke with a big bar of chocolate to celebrate.  I did have the diet Coke, but there was no chocolate in the house (it makes it easier to avoid).  Instead, I made a dessert.

In our back yard, we have a plum tree.  When we moved here, I don't think we really paid much attention to it for a couple of years or it wasn't bearing any fruit.  Then when it did, we weren't sure what it was or if it was edible because the fruit was really small.  A few years ago, it had quite a bit of fruit on it and I tried one.  It was edible but not good to eat right off the tree.  I found a recipe online and made Plum Saft.  It's a liquid syrup that you can add to drinks or over sponge cake.  We never really used it.

This year our tree is overloaded.  The main branch is bent over, just about in two, because of all the fruit on the branches.

While looking online for recipes, I discovered what kind of plum it is.  I believe they are Italian Prune Plums.  They are much smaller than regular plums and quite sour when eaten plain, so they need to be cooked.  I found a recipe for plum crisp that specifies it's for these particular plums.  So we tried it last night.

There was still a twinge of sourness, but it was pretty good.  It took a long time to pit enough of the plums for the recipe since they are so small.  My next attempt is to try to make a plum and peach jam recipe that I found. 

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