Sunday, September 5, 2010

Just in Time

I hope you all are having a more relaxing weekend than I am.  Yesterday was spent running errands and doing some shopping. And knitting as fast as possible. 

One of my husband's co-workers had a baby shower today.  Last week we discussed what to get for the shower.  I went to the Co-op hoping to find an environmentally friendly baby present but, being a grocery store mostly, did not find much there.  So I decided maybe I would try to make something.  A baby quilt would be the obvious choice (and probably should have been) but I didn't have any really appropriate baby fabrics in my stash and didn't want to go buy any.  So, I searched online for some baby knitting patterns and found a couple to try.  I did go out and buy the yarn but I only needed two skeins.  I decided if I bombed on the patterns, Frank could go out and buy something at the last minute. 

With one week to finish, I started a baby hat and baby shrug (it's suppose to be a girl).  I'm not much for girly-girl stuff and did not choose a pink yarn.  Instead I picked a nice multi-color pastel.  I worked on both this past week at volleyball games and while watching tv in the evening (the US Open tennis event is on).

I managed to finish the shrug last night, but it has lots of mistakes.  I have never knitted a garment. I still consider myself a beginner.  Shaping and picking up stitches were new to me, but I figured I would just learn how to do it as I went along.  Any knitter would be able to tell I did not do a good job.  Hopefully, the non-knitters will not look too closely.

I finished the hat this morning, a couple of hours before the shower.  It turned out better than the shrug but working with double pointed needles on something so small was a little difficult for me.  Below is the result.  I really hope that it's the thought that counts on this one.

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