Saturday, September 11, 2010

Exhibition Contemplations

I wrote so much yesterday, I thought I would save my thoughts about what I learned, for today.  The biggest thing I noticed yesterday was how different it was to see a large group of my artworks laid out in one space.  This is the first exhibition where I have had this opportunity.  It was easy to see that green was a predominate color that I use (I already knew that, but the extent to which it is so was more evident when the pieces are laid out next to each other).  Also, my pieces are visually strong graphically with lots of lines going vertically and horizontally.  Some were "busy" and others more "calm".  I tried to separate the "busy" ones so that they were not right next to each other.

I had more vertical pieces than horizontal, of which I was also cognitive.  I prefer a vertical orientation when working.  But if they aren't all going to be vertical, then I see it would be helpful to have a few more horizontal pieces.

Another thing I learned is that after this show, I will be re-doing all the hanging rods for the pieces.  I created the rods with d-rings specifically to work with their hanging system.  I made sleeves with extra ease in them but because they are on wires and not flat against the wall, there is still a "bump" at the top of each piece where the rod bulges.  Unfortunately, they aren't hanging very flatly, but there is nothing more I can do about it.

After all the artwork was up and I looked at it, I could not really tell if it is a cohesive body of work.  I'm not sure if that's because I'm the artist, or not.  There are definitely similarities with all the pieces, with strong lines and geometric shapes.  All the pieces I've included are abstractions on nature.  If you can tell from the photos, do you think it looks cohesive?  I do want honest opinions.

Lastly, I realize I am an art snob in some, o.k. many, ways.  I am a perfectionist and over the years have been trying not to be.  I'm trying not to let things get to me so much and to "let it go". I have been improving, but I won't "let it go" when it comes to being professional.  It may take me longer to get that work up, but the spacing will be even, the labels hung at the same height and same distance from the piece and everything will have a label that is consistent with all the others.  The typeset on the label will match the typeset on the artist statement (unfortunately, they will be printing out the price list for me, but it should match since I sent them the file).  All the details will be considered.  Call me anal, but sometimes I am.

The show will be up for about a month.  If you cannot make it to the artist reception (Sept. 15, 11a.m - 2p.m.), please try to visit sometime during the month.  The building is open Mon. - Fri. from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Terry said...

Lisa, I think it looks great! What a nice space for your work. There is variety, but the work speaks to each other, which to me makes it cohesive.

I am a bit of a perfectionist myself about the spacing, labels, etc. IMO those details must be right, otherwise those are the things you are noticing, not the work. And I do notice sloppily done labels and it drives me nuts! Yours looks very professional, because you are a professional!

About me: said...

Very nice, Lisa! I think it looks great. As always, you do a great job. And while I haven't seen the works in person, I see that they could be part of a cohesive body of work for all the reasons you mentioned. I also wanted to thank you for taking pics of the Woodriver Cellars show - especially the ones with my print! -Amy