Sunday, September 12, 2010

Art in the Park

Art in the Park was held this weekend here in Boise.  It is put on by the museum and I helped set up on Tuesday and Wednesday, but, fortunately, did not have to work the weekend.  The weather was very nice, sunny and warm.  I felt it was a little more "crafty" than "arty" this year.  But there was still plenty to see.

I thought these were nice yard decorations.

This was a fountain that had moving parts by a different person doing yard art.
 There was some music going on at the band shell.  This was a kid band, probably from the Boise School of Rock.

This is the work of Brett Varney.  His originals are pastel.  I have an original piece of his that I bought four or five years ago.  I splurged on it but I think the prints just don't have the same sensibility as his originals.  I think its because you lose the texture and richness of the pastels when it becomes a print.  I can't really afford an original now.

We gave Anna an Art in the Park "allowance".  She managed to spend all of it.  After looking at most of the booths, spending all her money and having lunch, Frank and Anna headed home on the bikes.  I said I was going to stay and look around again.  I found these cute things and took a picture so Anna could see them.  Steampunk has become a bit of an artistic style, I think.  
The artist I was most excited about this year was Eileen Sorg of Two Dog Studio. Walking by her booth you might think she was a photographer, but she is not.  She uses colored pencils to create her photo-realistic drawings.  The first time we walked by, she was working on that piece that is resting right next to her.  She was using a super long pencil and I asked what kind of pencils she uses.  She said Prismacolor, which is what I have as well.  But they were so long and she told me when one pencil gets really small, she glues a new one right onto the end of the old one and can sharpen right through it and keep going.  What a great idea!  Unfortunately I forgot about my camera when she was working on her piece and when I came back later, it must have been too crowded for her to work.  I couldn't really afford to splurge on her originals either.  She did have some prints but I did not buy one.

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