Saturday, October 2, 2010

4Q Gallery

There is a new gallery in town. Downtown Boise, that is. Vicki Stevenson asked me to be a part of this cooperative gallery of local artists. I am happy for the opportunity to show my art in Boise. 

This past week, I've been helping her to get the work hung on the walls, since I have some experience with that.  The gallery opened yesterday and is located in the Idaho Building on the basement level (that's why the pictures aren't the best).  There are several rooms to explore. The gallery will be open until the end of the year, but that is all that is planned for now.  Hours will be Thurs.-Sat. 11-6 p.m. and Sun. 12-4 p.m.  This coming Thursday, it will also be open late until 9 p.m. for First Thursday.

Go to the Idaho Building
Go down the stairs to the right of the elevators.
Enter space.
Explore rooms.

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Pam McKnight said...

Hi Lisa, I did a search for 4Q and found your blog! Very nice!