Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sketchbook Project - Page 4

I finally got around to doing another page in the Sketchbook Project. This is a drawing of a leaf that is pretty dry. It has been a long time since I have done a drawing like this with my regular art pencils (maybe you can tell). I've been using colored pencils and other things, or just not doing this type of drawing at all. I noticed that I like the softness of the colored pencils better, even though I did have the range of H and B type pencils for this.

This is only the second actual drawing in the Sketchbook. I am really way behind if I hope to fill all the pages. I've been thinking about it and I know why. When I signed up to do this project, I had so many ideas in my head about my theme "the view from up here". But after I received the book and realized that it was something other people were going to see, then in my mind, it had to be "good". Well, I want it to be good and therein lies the problem.

Too much pressure on myself and not the freedom to just get the ideas down, like I have done in my regular sketchbook. But in my regular sketchbook they truly are sketches of just lines, enough to remind me of what my idea was.

Hopefully, you will be seeing more of these pages here more regularly. I'm not sure if I'll get over that self imposed pressure but the project must go on.

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