Friday, May 1, 2009

Panic attack

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. I have the two auction quilts to finish by next Friday. Although they would really like me to have it done by Monday to hang at the school for a week before the auction. Yesterday, I managed to sandwich both of them and started the quilting on both. Still a long way to go.

The fourth through sixth graders are putting on a musical at school on May 15. We are told that everyone has to have a costume. I remember Anna saying she wanted to be on the stage crew. So I asked her yesterday if she was. She said yes. I said, "Yea! I don't have to make you a costume." She said she still had to have one as she will be working where the audience can see her. Oh. . .

Of course, it is set in the 1800's. I'm sure I can just whip up a costume from the 1800's in no time . . . not! Anna said it didn't have to be homemade, we could go to the thrift store. I doubt there will be loads of 1800's costumes at the thrift store. They will be checking next Friday to make sure everyone has their costume. No pressure.

I am also trying to get my last art lesson ready for next week. It requires cutting up millions of small squares and punching holes in them. Why do I do this to myself? I did manage to punch holes while watching Anna's double header volleyball games last night (pictures below), but there is still so much to do. That doesn't include the plants that are waiting to be planted and the other yard work to be done. Sometimes the weekends are busier than the week.

I haven't worked on my art this week and that makes me less happy as well. I think the mental aspects of knowing what needs to be done has been draining my energy this week.

I'm constantly searching for that balance of things and have yet to find it. While I was at the museum, I was talking to a co-worker about all the ideas/projects/etc. that I have that will never get done. She said she thought I got quite a bit done. Well, not as much as I would like. Now that I have vented, there's work to be done!

Serve's up!

Huddle up!

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