Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fence Art: Part 2

After several schedule changes, I did the second half of the class art lesson yesterday. Since the weather did not cooperate last week by pelting the fence art with hail, rain and wind, I thought I would try using strips of tagboard. By weaving these in the fence, I thought they would stay better.

We had a windy day in which to work. Some of the students also wanted to use the squares, as well as the strips. Today I found several pieces of tagboard on the ground that was either blown off or pulled out. I do think the strips worked better and it was a bit easier for the students to weave.

After seven years of teaching art to Anna's class, this was my very last. At this point, I am happy about that.


Jane DeChambeau said...

Fun project! Your seven-year commitment to Roosevelt's art program is very impressive. Congratulations on all that you accomplished!

alex amarxon said...

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