Thursday, May 28, 2009


It is almost half way through the year. I have been thinking about my goals and if I'm about halfway there. You can see what was on my wall a week or two ago. I have some pieces completed, some still in the works.

It is almost time to transition to the summer schedule. Anna will be out of school next week and it will be harder to find time to work on my art (for some reason it is already hard enough as it is). Anna will have camps. I'm hoping to be doing some paid work at the museum the first two weeks after school, and maybe in July. We have a big trip planned. Anna will have a list of things she would like to do over the summer. It will go by quickly and I need to have some kind of plan of what I want to accomplish and how the heck I am going to do that.

I know the daylight hours will be longer, so maybe I will be working later in the evening on my pieces. Or maybe I will try not to have too many expectations and enjoy the summer with Anna.

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