Friday, May 15, 2009

This Post is for the Birds and Clare

Tuesday morning, Anna and I were walking to school on our usual route. As we were walking through "the field" (the open reserve area near our home), we noticed a woodpecker. They are not usually in the field much. Then I saw another bird that looked like a flash of blue. I thought maybe it was just the morning light because we rarely see bluebirds around here. But no, it was a pretty little bluebird. There were robins and a magpie flew overhead (those are common).

Walking back from school, I saw a quail bird (very common in the field), a red-winged black bird (which can usually be found in the pond in another area, but not necessarily in the field), a yellow finch and a hummingbird. Lots of different birds in one area. Amazing.

An speaking of amazing, check out the artist who did this bird. Her name is Geninne and you can go to her etsy shop here.

On a sad note, Anna's dwarf hamster, Clare, died in her sleep on Wednesday night. It was a shock to Anna to wake up and find her lying still. She had seemed just fine the morning before. A dwarf hamster's life span is about two years old and I think Clare was about that old. She didn't seem to suffer. It's been a rough week for Anna.

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