Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Projects Done!

I finally finished cutting the million little squares and punching the holes in them. Today was the art project day. It is also suppose to be the rainiest day this week. As the constant drizzle of rain continued this morning, I was getting quite worried we would be working out in the rain (I had no back-up plan). However, as the time came, the rain cleared.

Below are pictures of the kids doing their art installations. Each square was put on a paperclip (I bought a 1000 paperclips) and wrapped individually around the wires on the fence. I had no idea how this project was going to turn out. It could have been a complete disaster or a good experience for the kids. I think it was the latter. They had to work together in groups to complete each design.

This is only the first half of the class. Next week, I will have to take them all down so that the second half of the class can do it, too. I hope it does not rain too much to ruin the tag board squares. I also hope the other kids won't take them down or re-arrange them. I asked the principal to make an announcement about it. Hopefully, . . . .

I also finished Anna's costume today. Yippee!

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