Monday, May 11, 2009

The Series

This is the series of pieces I have been working on, all together. They are suppose to go in this order, although I did not finish them in this order. The first piece, Wilderness Landscape, was actually the last piece I finished. The next in the series is Rural Landscape, Suburban Landscape and, lastly, Urban Landscape.

I'm thinking of calling the series, A-scapes. They are meant to be an Aerial view and they are also Abstract. I welcome any other suggestions for the series title.

Hopefully, you can see the progression in the pieces from organic, free flowing shapes to more geometric shapes and straight lines; man's influence on nature. The snowflake-like hand stitches, which represent trees, change throughout the series as well. In Urban landscape, there is only one tree left. Another progression is from mostly hand-dyed fabric to more commercial fabrics with geometric patterns.

Please let me know your thoughts and impressions about this series.

Wilderness Landscape

Rural Landscape

Suburban Landscape

Urban Landscape


Beverly said...

really like what you have done with these, and like your idea of hanging them together. Your stitching and fabric really make your 'point.' My fave is the wilderness- love the organic feel of it.

Cynthia Wenslow said...

I think these are excellent individually, and they are a strong series. Great WORK!

Tina Marie Rey said...

I agree with Beverly and would like to add as the more urban your pieces got, the more colors were added, and I like the idea that urban areas are more colorful in culture and experiences - not sure if it was your intention, but as a viewer thats what i took away from it. Love the series - the stitching adds so much to the line of the pieces. Bravo!

Karen Newman Fridy said...

I absolutely LOVE them!! You did a great job interpreting the influence of man on the face of landscapes, moving from the organic, fluid wilderness through to the urban grid. Well done!

Terry said...

I love the concept and the execution of these pieces and they will work so well together. Your stitched trees are the perfect, lovely little icons moving through all the work. Since you asked for opinions, I will say I think the rural piece is the weakest of the four, simply because it lacks contrast.

carin said...

I have often looked out of an airplane window, and thought how the landscape looks like a patchwork
(you should see Ireland's!). I love that you made it a reality. I like the series very much together. Each one had beauty, and yet their simplicity was so appealing.
I also read your last year's thoughts on grad school.
I agreed with your statements of why did art need to have purpose/motivation --- obviously to the artist, there was these things. All art elicits some emotion, and each is individual. Not sure if grad school is something one must have to claim achievement and a title of artist.
I have seen how your work has evolved over the years. I think you have found your own coursework in life; growing, changing, becoming, and morphing into the person you are and continually developing.

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

A great series. I like the continuation of the 'tree' in each piece. Gorgeous colors.

Vivien said...

I think the title is just right. I really like the colors you've used. I think it's an interesting choice to have red be the predominate color in your Urban Landscape. Your stitching in the first three are lovely; I wish there was more in the Urban piece (because you do it so beautifully), but I suspect you wanted to keep the stitching sparse in that one to match the landscape. Well done.

Antonija said...

I love this! It is such a simple and natural progression, but really powerful. I especially like the the tree tying all the pieces together. Well done!

Deb's Artful Journey said...

These are just lovely!

Johnni Schell said...

What a fun series! And your choice of colors for each in the series could not have been more perfect. The wilderness and rural are so calm, serene - suburbia the colors are getting stronger - and then the urban is hot, saturated colors - and agitated!! My reaction to each definitely proves that I am living where I need to be - in the country! Great job!

Carole said...

Hi Lisa... thank you for the invite to this series.. very inspirational and my thoughts echo those above...
beautiful, and the color in the urban series...I am a color person and miss the intensity of living in
'Urban'ia... we live in a quiet small your suburban landscape.

Anonymous said...

I love them all, one suggestion, the hand stitching in the wilderness piece really creates interest and movement, I do think the urban piece could benefit from some hand stitching somehow. I love the fact is shows how limited green spaces are in urban landscapes.The flash and color of the city are great, but the tree really stands out and would do so no matter where you placed it in the landscape... Just lovely!

Anonymous said...

I liked your series. I think it looks good as a series. It may have been the photo, but the white, especially in the Suburban Landscape seemed to dominate the piece. There was maybe too much contrast with the white. The white pieces already are the most important by virtue of the shape, location and size, and could maybe benefit by more subtle coloring without losing any importance and then being less 'in-your-face' to the viewer.

I really liked the hand stitching of the river the Wilderness Landscape. It created a lot of texture and interest. I thought the series also showed a progression of texture to flat.