Monday, May 25, 2009


. . . or Recovery. That is what they are saying about the gardens people are planting now. I think there are a lot more people planting their own food gardens this year because of the economy. We've been doing some work on that this weekend.

My small victory was finally getting these raspberry canes in the ground! I think I have had them in pots for a month. It was suppose to be a simple project. Buy canes and plant in ground.

But you know how those simple projects turn out sometimes. Where they are planted is by one of our retaining walls in back. When I told Frank where I wanted to put them, he said I should dig up the grass all along the entire retaining wall (about 53 feet). I was just planning on about 10 feet for the raspberries.

Then I thought it would be nice to have a raised bed. It didn't look like we had enough wood leftover from the deck re-do Frank did, so I said it might be nice to do dry stacked stones. So we waited until we could go to the stone place and find out that it was going to be much more money than we wanted to spend for a small bed.

As you can see, we went back to the wood idea. We don't have enough to finish the entire wall. I have dug up about 30 feet of it, but I think Frank might have to do the rest since it was his idea. But the raspberries are now in their permanent home (there are two more canes not pictured).

We also put in a couple new garden boxes out front, made from the leftover deck wood. I put mine on the "berm" as we get lots of sun there and we decided to take all the grass out there several years ago. This box is actually the old one but the new one just has a couple of sprouts right now.

Anna had a small victory today when she and Frank went fishing. She received a new pink fishing pole for her birthday. Since then, they have gone fishing several times, but have not caught anything. Today was her lucky day. They caught several fish, this being the biggest (the others thrown back).

When they came home, Anna came in and asked if I wanted to see her fish. Of course I did. I asked what she planned to do with it. She said she wanted to get a big tank and keep him. But she said Daddy wanted to eat it. I said if she wanted to keep him alive, then she should have thrown him back. We now have a very small fish fillet waiting in the refrigerator.

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