Thursday, April 30, 2009

Glue Resist Fabric

I haven't been getting in the studio much this week. Maybe it's because Anna has volleyball two times a week now. Maybe it's because I have the auction quilts looming over my head as the deadline quickly approaches. I don't know, but I was able to do some more glue resist fabric.

This first picture is more words. I decided to try some commercial fabric as well. The orange piece in the upper left is commercial fabric, but I did not put enough paint over it so it is hard to see where the glue was.

This second picture is just drizzles and doodles. The red piece and purple piece are folded over so you can see the difference between the front and the back. They were both commercial pieces as well.

1 comment:

Aline said...

Lovely results, what kind of glue do you use?