Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Anna has started a new session of Y volleyball. They had their first game last week after only two practices. This time Anna has a really good coach (they ask for volunteers to coach, so it is usually a parent). The coach had asked them before the game to concentrate on moving to the ball and having fun. They lost, but as we were walking out, Anna said she had fun. That's what I want for her; to have fun and be part of a team.

As Anna and I were talking about the games, I said part of the reason they lost was because her coach asked them to serve behind one of the two lines marked on the floor (one regulation line and, I guess, the other a recreational line), The other team was serving wherever they wanted to on the court. The Y league doesn't really care about where they serve because they just want everyone to have a successful experience. But Anna said, "I'd rather play by the rules and lose than break the rules and win." That's my girl!

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