Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter 09

Hope you all had an enjoyable day. We have. The twelve-year-old was up early to hunt for eggs. This is the last year the Easter bunny will be hiding eggs. He may still hop in and leave something in the basket. Anna was not happy hearing that. Anyway, she was happy to discover what "he" left behind this year. You can see some of the stash above: a bowl of beads, a bowl of chocolate, a pile of loops (to make pot holders), some earrings and change. He also left a couple of books, a watercolor set and some stamps.

In the afternoon, Anna and I went to a dance concert (didn't realize it was going to be Easter when I bought the tickets). It has been a most gorgeous day. So after the concert, I planted some seeds, outside and in peat containers (I'm a little behind on this). Hope something will sprout!

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