Friday, April 24, 2009

Stage 4: Quilting and Finishing

The last stage of this piece is the quilting and finishing. When I drew the idea in my sketchbook, I did not have any particular ideas about the quilting. Most of the time, my ideas don't include quilting lines and I have to think about them as I'm working or after the piece is all together. Sometimes, the quilting is part of the initial idea.

This piece, I wasn't sure how to quilt. I drew out some ideas on a clear sheet of plastic (with a dry erase marker) on top of the quilt. Here is what I decided upon. I think the curvy lines are a nice juxtaposition to the rectangular blocks. I decided to echo the leaf shape in one section to help tie it together. There is also a thought behind the growing leaf shapes (I'll explain another time).

To completely finish it, the edges have to have some treatment. Most of the time, I put on a traditional binding. I did not want that extra little border for this piece, so I did the facing technique. I will also need to put on a sleeve for hanging and a label on the back.

This is the "play-along" piece for the Twelve by Twelve group's current theme which is identity. I am way early in completing it. Therefore, I will put it on my blog again when they reveal theirs and give my explanation on how it fits with this theme.

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Vivien said...

This has a wonderful, peaceful feel to it. I think the quilting compliments the imagery and graphic nature of the piece well. Love the red pop!

I'm definitely going to check back to your blog often. You do beautiful work!