Sunday, September 1, 2013

More Woodblock Talk

The woodblock workshop at Wingtip Press was a precursor for an event taking place on Oct. 12 at the Idaho Historical Museum.  I'm not sure what the official title of the event is, yet, but there will be steam roller printing that day.

BSU students and community members will work on 4' x 8' wooden blocks that will be printed on fabric sheets with a steam roller.  A similar event has taken place in Boise before which I wrote about here on the blog.

While our instructor was here for the workshop, he shared insights and experiences from the annual steam roller printing event that is held in Missoula, Montana in celebration of Dia de Los Muertos.

Below are some of the pieces he brought to show us.

This skull was printed on a sheet that had butterflies on it.  Below are some smaller examples of prints on paper.

The picture above demonstrates a four color reduction print.

I am excited for the Oct. 12 event.  It will be a busy weekend because on Sunday, Oct. 13, I will be having my open studio as part of the BOSCO event.

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