Wednesday, September 18, 2013

From the Garden

From what I remember, my grandfather was a good gardener.  Unfortunately, those genes did not pass down to me.  I plant stuff in the ground, water it and hope it grows.  I will admit that I do not take the proper time to care for my garden.  I'd much rather be making art.

But apparently, this year, I am very good at growing lemon cucumbers.  I've had a bumper crop and we can't eat them fast enough (some have had to go back into the compost).  Frank just took a load to work.

I have had some regular cucumbers as well, but not as many as the lemon ones.  The basil I started from seeds finally took root, so I think I will have enough to make some pesto.

Surprisingly, we have not gotten much zucchini, only a couple.  Frank's yellow squash plant was doing well at the beginning of the season.  And he managed to get some "Franken-squash" - weird shaped orange/yellow squash that must have come from some cross pollination with his pumpkin plant.  (We each have several garden boxes we take care of).

He had some monster basque pepper plants with loads of flowers (and we have plenty of bees) but not a single pepper.  I'm not sure what seeds he used.  I managed to get a couple of basque peppers off the plant I purchased.

Soon it will be time to clean out the boxes, but I think there are still a lot of lemon cucumbers growing out there.  How does your garden grow?

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