Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fabric Dyeing

I finally got around to dyeing my fabric last week.  I think I dyed around 70 yards in the end, some of which included over-dyeing previous colors that had been sitting on the shelf for a long time and I didn't think I would use.

The colors I mixed this year seemed to be more earthy, muted, less intense colors than what I have been working with recently.  I was especially trying to get some more neutral colors like grays and tans.  I find those the hardest to do because, invariably, they end up looking more like a color.  For example, like a bluish gray, instead of just gray.  Or a yellowish tan, instead of just tan.

Before.  No, this is not seventy yards here.  I went out and bought some more fabric in mid process because I always tend to mix more dye than I have fabric for.

Yep. This was too much dye.  But I was trying to use up some colors I've had for awhile.  The shelf life of dyes is not forever.

During. I was working in my garage.

After.  Some of the neutrals.

Some of the green(ish) colors.

I also dyed some embroidery floss, but I am still working to get those wound on the little cardboard bobbins.

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Kathleen Probst said...

I love looking at freshly dyed fabric all lined up in a row!

It was smart to work in the garage out of the sun!