Monday, September 9, 2013

Bruneau Sand Dunes

This past weekend we went camping at Bruneau Sand Dunes because the Boise Astronomical Society was having its Star Party there and the observatory was open.  We went Friday evening after Frank got off work and returned home Sunday.

We had some clear nights for star gazing.  The weather was good.  Although the daytime was hot, the mornings and evenings were nice.

Sunrise at our camping spot (our tent is out of the picture).  As you can see in the background, there were lots of people there.  Just about every camping spot had a telescope set up in it.

I loved the different colors of the scrubby bushes.

Here's a view of the observatory (and sand dune).  We listened to an interesting lecture by a professor from the University of Arizona, which is where Anna is thinking she would like to go for college.

It was a good idea to climb the dunes in the morning before it got too hot.  Although it was still pretty warm climbing.

I thought this was interesting with tumbleweeds and other plant stuff.

It felt pretty hot in the afternoon sun, even though the temperature was probably only in the 80's.  You could look around the campsite and see lots of people sitting in their chairs in what shade they could find, not really doing anything.  Just like we did.

I'm not sure what this bug below is, but I didn't mind it.  We did not like the millions of flys and biting insects that were around.  Anna and I both have many interesting constellations of bug bites all over us. Apparently, they only like girls, as Frank has none.

It was a good weekend.  We saw lots of stars.  I even saw some shooting stars.  But I am glad to be away from the bugs!


Kathleen Probst said...

Nice trip minus the bug bites!

Linda M said...

To bad about the bugs. The sand dunes are cool, I like the picture of walking on the ridge.