Saturday, September 14, 2013

BCT and Rothko

This is a detail picture of the stitching of an artwork I am currently working on.

I will continue this stitching pattern over the entire piece.  When finished, it will be part of a silent auction to help raise money for the Boise Contemporary Theater.

I was invited to participate in this event which is being held in conjunction with their play production, RED, a play written about the artist Mark Rothko.  The artworks in the auction will be Rothko-inspired.

The opening reception for the auction is Oct. 3.  The opening night of the play is Oct. 9.  The auction will run the length of the production with the last day being on the closing night of the play, Nov. 2.  You can purchase tickets for the play on BCT's website.

I just sent out a "Save the Date" e-newsletter with this information and some other dates.  If you would like to receive my newsletter, you can sign up here.

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