Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Traffic Boxes

Last week on First Thursday, a handful of new traffic boxes was unveiled amidst major gusty winds and rain from a storm.  The artists were supposed to be by their traffic boxes for the "opening".

I managed to stop by two of my artist friends' boxes before they decided that standing next to a metal box in a storm might not be the best idea and left.

Here is Reham Aarti, trying to keep her hat on, with her box.

And here is Kathleen Probst with her box.  She will have another box, which is across the street from the first, unveiled at the next First Thursday (October).

(Looking at these boxes, I'm not really sure if they are all traffic boxes, or just some kind of utility box.)

Two of our friends from Weiser also braved the storm to meet Kathleen at her box.  Then, we all went for tapas.

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