Thursday, April 28, 2011


Today I picked up Anna from school and took her to the art museum.  I wanted her to see two things.  One was the biennial juried high school show, Higher Ground, which is in three galleries at the museum.  She will be eligible to submit artwork when she is in the tenth grade.

Secondly, the Rocky Mountain Printmaking Alliance Symposium was hosting an event of steam roller printing outside the museum.  Unfortunately, it's been a rainy and cold day, but they were still out there printing when we arrived. 

They were printing on fabric so it didn't matter that it was getting wet.  There were separate sections of blocks that were put together to create a big piece. 

The pieces were inked and then laid out together.  

The fabric was placed down with boards and a large felt on top.  Then the steam roller did it's thing and rolled over it. 

 The fabric was pulled up carefully (it was a little windy) and hung on the sculpture garden fence with PVC pipe.

There were some pretty cool designs.  I had Anna stand next to one so you could get a sense of the scale.

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