Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Woodblock Workshop part 2

Sunday at Wingtip Press, we finished up carving and printing our woodblocks.  We were told we could bring t-shirts to print on.  The first day I didn't bring one because I didn't think I would want my design on a t-shirt.  I didn't realize we were going to be able to print some of the instructor's blocks.

I had planned to bring a t-shirt yesterday.  But ended up forgetting it.  I did have several pieces of my dyed fabric to print on, which was my intent the entire time.

Here is my block with the very simple design of a passion flower.  I had the hardest time trying to figure out what design I wanted to work on for this workshop.  I went through many ideas and finally just decided on this simple idea.

That blue on the block is a wash of acrylic paint.  It helps you see where you have already carved. This is a great idea that was new to me.

My block all carved out.

Here is Cassandra carving away on her block.

And here is Cassandra's finished design printed on paper.

This is Katherine's beautiful block all inked up and ready to print.

Anna Webb shows off her print on neon colored paper.

First time carver, Kurt, shows off his print.

This is Christy's finished design.

I really like this design from Josh Olson.

I was so busy taking pictures of everybody else's prints, I forgot to take some of my own.  I printed on several different colors of fabric and did a few on paper.  Cassandra asked if she could print my block on one of her t-shirts.  Here it is below.

I'll show you some of my prints on fabric after I pick them up from Wingtip Press.

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Linda M said...

You take the most interesting workshops. Some great results, I love Cassandra's.