Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Climb to Conquer Cancer

Yesterday was our second time participating in the annual Climb to Conquer Cancer.  Last year the event occurred in between my lumpectomy and the start of my radiation.  One year out and I'm having to deal with the side effects of the Tamoxifen they want me to take for five years to help prevent a recurrence. But I don't want to talk about that.

The climb was up Tablerock mesa again this year.  We got up early for the event and walked to Quarry View park from our house.

After checking in and getting t-shirts, we hung out until it was time to start climbing.

 And they're off!  Heading up.

This is Jill, Gavin and Ann, part of the "team" from Micron.

 At the top.

We all made it to the top!  No, my face is not sunburnt. It always turns red when I exercise.  And no, I'm not that much shorter than Frank and Anna.  I'm on the downhill side of the rock.

You can see more people coming up in this photo (toward the bottom).  But it was time for us to go back down.  Back at Quarry View, they had some food and drinks ready for us.

Then, we had to walk back home again.
Heading home.

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