Monday, August 19, 2013

Art Collection

I'd like to show you the most recent acquisition added to my art collection (although I have had it for a while now).

by Elizabeth Brandt
(artwork posted with artist permission)

A friend pointed me to Elizabeth's website (where you can see a better picture of this artwork, if you like).  I really love her work and when I found out that she lived in Holland, Michigan, where I went to college, I had to get in touch with her.  We've had "conversations" via email and I traded one of my artworks for this one of hers.

This piece is relatively small compared to some of her other works (she is currently working on a piece that is about 8' by 12' that she posted on her facebook art page).  I enjoy looking at this artwork everyday in my entryway.  I'm glad I have gotten to know Elizabeth online.  I look forward to seeing what she creates next.

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