Monday, August 6, 2012

Climb to Conquer Cancer

My husband knows a gal at work who was helping to organize the American Cancer Society's Climb to Conquer Cancer, which was this past Saturday.  He asked if we wanted to get up early Saturday morning to participate in the climb up Table Rock.

I was thinking about going for a walk that morning anyway and said sure.  Anna came, too, although she wasn't so happy about the getting up early part.

The sign-in and start was at Quarry View park.  There was coffee and donuts available.  After some announcements, we started hiking.

Since it was early in the morning the temperature was not too hot, yet.  On the way up, there was a nice little breeze.  It was frustrating for me, though, because I haven't exercised in several weeks and that made it harder to climb than I thought it should have been.

Why haven't I exercised for several weeks?  Well, because now I have my own personal battle to conquer cancer.  Before our trip, I found out I had Ductal Carcinoma in Situ (DCIS) in one of my breasts.  Something was found on my regular mammogram that was different from previous mammograms.  After a subsequent mammogram and biopsy, the diagnosis was DCIS.  I am so fortunate that we caught it early and it is non-invasive.

I had a lumpectomy several weeks ago and will be starting radiation soon.  I will be fine, but just like climbing that mesa, it is one step at a time.

I am just 44 years old and I have been having regular mammograms since I was 40.  This diagnosis was not a lump.  Not something that could be felt.  It was only detected because of the mammograms.  So I would encourage you ladies over 40 to get regular mammograms.

at Quarry View Park.

Frank with his pre-climb coffee and Anna with a new stylin' shirt.

Going up.
 At the top.  I'd climb that mountain everyday just to receive the hugs I got from Anna at the top.

Another view from the top.
 This lady was amazing and climbed the whole thing with one leg.

Heading back down.


Anonymous said...

Amazing pictures - love the one of you and Anna at the top especially - and very inspirational! ~ Mary

Anonymous said...

Lisa, Your Mom has shared your new "adventure" and I am sending prayers and warmest wishes your way. Radiation will not be a walk up the mountain, but you are one strong lady and can meet the challenge with strength and courage. One day at a time! Hugs, Rosa