Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I went to my yoga class for the first time this week since my surgery.  We had a substitute and only one other person was there besides me.  At the end of class, we did shivasana as usual for about 5-10 minutes.

Afterward, our instructor said he has heard some people say that shivasana doesn't even really start until after 20 minutes (we don't have a long enough class for that).  He also felt that in our society we don't allow ourselves enough time to relax.  (And we are talking relaxing to benefit mind/body as opposed to just wasting time.)

I know with my type A personality, along with our culture, this is so true.  Does our culture perceive us as being lazy if we are not constantly working on something?  Even when we are ill, we take some medicine and get back to work.

I know I'm am guilty of this.  Even though I was resting my body after my lumpectomy, my mind was wondering when I would be able to get back to doing my normal things and working on my art.

Even now as I am going through radiation treatments, I sometimes feel tired but still have deadlines to meet.  Why is it so hard to allow ourselves time to relax and rejuvenate our mind and body (or is it just me)?

With that in mind, yesterday I spent some time relaxing outside on the hammock after having done my free motion stitching for several hours.  Here are some views from my hammock.

What do you do to relax?  How often do you allow yourself to relax?

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Beverly said...

I don't know that I'd describe myself as a type A, but it is hard to just sit back and do nothing. That said, I probably do my best relaxing in nature- something about it just makes it easier to slow down.