Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Big LeBoise

Today was a beautiful day.  The high was in the low 70's.  This morning we decided to ride downtown and check out a new event, The Big Le Boise, which is sponsored by the weekly alternative paper, The Boise Weekly.  After a few bike issues and having to go back home and start over, we finally made it downtown. 

It was a relatively small event with some craft booths and a few other things set up, a couple of food vendors and a stage for entertainment.

Anna by the Boise Weekly truck which had a cool design on it.
These were some interesting glass pendants.
These were some necklaces made with nuts and washers that both Anna and I liked.
I liked the Test Tube Kitty neon sign.

After we were finished looking, we rode over to the Basque block to get some lunch at Bar Gernika.
Anna was so happy to be getting some croquetas (me too).  Yummy!

After lunch we walked over to the Saturday market so Anna and Frank could get some cookies (none for me, but it is almost the end of the month). We had some more bike issues, but took care of it.

Today Anna rode her own bike downtown, instead of on the tandem with Frank.  And she rode all the way up Shaw Mountain road (with a few rest stops, but still impressive).

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