Friday, August 20, 2010


My daughter has declared that she does not like my "diet".  "Diet" being my attempt to give up dietCoke and desserts for the rest of the month, which I don't consider a diet.  (By the way, I'm still holding out and haven't had either.)  I did not say that anyone else in the family had to participate with me on this choice.  However, since I am the one doing the grocery shopping, I am not bringing dietCoke into the house.  I still buy ice cream for my husband and daughter, as well as Hanson's sodas.  I have even found a new drink we all like.  Have you seen this?

For some time now, every time I go to do weekly grocery shopping I see bottles of this and other flavors lined up in one of the refrigerated cases.  This particular one sounded good to me.  Finally several weeks ago, I decided I would get one and try it.  It is very, very good!  Anna and Frank like it, too.  It is kind of expensive, I think.  The ingredients say: chai tea, soy milk, vanilla and apple juice (among other things listed in the tea).  So I thought maybe I could try brewing my own chai tea, add some soy milk, apple juice and vanilla and see if it tastes anything like this.  I'll let you know how it goes if I try it.

The hardest thing as been not having chocolate and just remembering that I'm not suppose to have dessert.  We were at a party and there were some strawberries and some chocolate fondue.  I was about to get some chocolate for the strawberries and remembered that I wasn't suppose to.  Technically, does that count as dessert?  I enjoyed the strawberries plain.  Is it the end of the month yet?

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