Friday, August 6, 2010

Incidental Series #2

The piece I showed you yesterday was fused to Warm and Natural batting which has a bit of a textured surface.  I wanted to do another piece with the leftover fused fabric, but I wanted to fuse it to a different background.  I thought about a piece of felt, but I only had acrylic felt and I didn't want to use that.  I thought a wool felt would be nice, but didn't have any.  I did have some wool sweaters that I fulled (or felted) for some kind of future project. 

I found a nice dark green in the pile and cut a rectangle out of the sweater.  I, once again, started cutting the fused green fabric and arranging it on the dark green.  I liked how it looked leaving space between the pieces to be able to see the background and create an outline around each section.  I still had some red-orange and added that again.  Hand stitching was added again, but I didn't really want to do any quilting on it.  I had to fuse another piece of fabric on the back because it was a little bit floppy.  It still is but I am intending for it to go into a frame.

Green Mosaic
fabric hand dyed by artist,
fulled wool sweater,
fused applique,
hand stitching with hand dyed thread
© 2010 Lisa Flowers Ross 

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