Thursday, August 5, 2010

Incidental Series

Since I have finished work on the small mini garden series, I was thinking I need to get to work on something bigger: a big piece.  But as I was sitting at the computer doing something else, I was thinking that I really haven't been doing much "playing" at art.  I have been starting with an idea or sketch with the intention of making a finished piece.  So, one day last week I just decided to go into my sewing studio and play.

I started with nothing in mind.  I had some leftover fused pieces of fabric on the table which were mostly green.  I just started cutting them and laying them out in some pleasing arrangement.  I had a little bit of red orange and added some of that for contrast.  I fused it to some batting, did some hand stitching and then quilted it.  I'm not sure what to call it, but for now I will call it Red-orange Square.

Red-orange Square
fabrics hand dyed by artist,
fused applique,
hand stitching with hand dyed thread,
machine quilted
© 2010 Lisa Flowers Ross

In the end, I guess I wasn't "playing" too much as I ended up with a finished piece anyway.  And as you might guess by today's title, this isn't the only one I did. Will show you more tomorrow.

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