Thursday, March 14, 2013

Reduction Linocut: Part II

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about printing the first color of a reduction linocut I was making for an exchange.  I showed you the first color.

Last night I went back to Wingtip Press to print the second color.  I was much less optimistic about the second run as I knew the registration would be tricky and had to be just about perfect.

Here is what the second color looks like on it's own.

And here is what it looks like on top of the first color all lined up.  It's snow on branches.

I managed to get 8 good prints (I had many more prints that the registration was off).  But I need 14 prints for the exchange.  I cannot go back and print more of these as I already carved away the linoleum for the first color.  That's the nature of the reduction linocut.  You use the same plate for each color, reducing the linoleum as you go.

So, I need to make another print (they don't have to all be the same print).  I have carved another linoleum block and will print it by hand.  They are due tomorrow.

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Sandy said...

This is soo cool. I hadn't been able to understand the process until I saw this.
However, I also think part of the attraction of this kind of print are the ones that show the hand of the artist... so slight differences in the registration add to the charm. Are there any that are near enough though not perfect?
Sandy in the UK