Friday, March 22, 2013


This is my 1,000th post on my blog!  If I had written a post everyday, that would be about two and three quarters of a year.  But I don't write every day, so it has been a bit longer since I started this blog.

What should we do to celebrate?  How about a give-away?

Leave a comment on my blog anytime from now up to midnight on March 31st telling me if you would rather have one of my finished daily fabric compositions or a zipper bag if your name is chosen.  Only one comment will be counted, but you are welcome to leave more comments.  It just won't improve your chances of winning.  I will pick a winner on April 2 and mail them their choice.  Tell your friends, everybody is welcome.

Speaking of finished daily fabric compositions . . . I have been finishing a few of them.  Here are a couple with the before and after picture.

This one looks very similar as I only did some outline stitching and a few rows of stitching on the bottom.

This one looks more different because I had to crop a lot off. I did lots of stitching on this one and used a fused binding on the edges.

Another one that looks very similar to the before picture.  But I like the texture the stitched lines add.  The stitching in the green area is with a blue thread.


Sandy said...

well done for 1000 posts. I hit that a little while ago and was quite surprised. Not entering the draw, though...
but I just wanted to say how interesting that the simple compositions become more lively with the stitching. You mentioned texture, but I think it has also added movement.
Sandy in the UK

Terry Grant said...

Congratulations on 1000 posts. I always enjoy your blog and your work! I would love to win either one of your clever little zipper bags or a wonderful little artwork. I too find that my work doesn't really come to life until I quilt it. Makes such a difference.

Beverly said...

Congrats on the 1000 posts! I really enjoy following your work- I love the simple, clean lines. I'd love to add one of your daily pieces to my collection.

Linda M said...

Since I'm already a lucky recipient of one of the bags - I'd love one of the little pieces.

This Dog's Mom said...

Congratulations on a thousand posts! And thank you for your inspiring blog. I would love to win one a piece of your striking artwork. I love art quilts.

oregonjudy said...

It's always interesting to see another quilters' work. And I'd love a zippered bag too.