Sunday, March 10, 2013


This weekend I have been working on getting some original prints framed that I have had for, um, . . . a while.  I like to buy art as well as make it.   I like to buy it unframed if I can because I like to frame them myself.  That way I can chose the mat and frame colors.  My preference is simple mat and framing to let the artwork shine.

Below is my mat cutting station - the floor.  I keep my mat cutter (that I have had for years and is getting worn) in the cardboard box you see in the corner of the photo.  I usually set it up on the floor when I need to cut mats.  That may be why it sometimes takes a while to get around to framing things.

Yesterday as I was cutting mats, I realized I needed to get more of a particular white.  There are quite a few different white mats; warm whites, bright whites, cool white, off white.  So I took scraps with me and went to Quality Art.  

It has been a while since the old mat cutter has been out and since purchasing mats.  But I was lucky to find the same colors I was looking for.  Back home and all the mats are cut.  Now I am working on mounting the artwork and getting them in the frames.

Here are some prints waiting their turn.

I hope to get them finished and actually up on the wall soon (which may require some rearranging).  I'll have eight new pieces to display.

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Terry Grant said...

Oh, I so need to do this! You have inspired me. Now I just need to find my mat cutter...