Monday, March 4, 2013

Opening Doors

Last week I was able to get over to BSU for the opening of BOSCO's (Boise Open Studio Collective Organization) opening art reception.  The exhibition, Opening Doors: A Glimpse into the Artist's Mind, is on display in the student union gallery.

What one might notice when first entering the space is how colorful and energetic many of the works are.

On the left: Radiant by Barbara Michener.  On the right: Landscape of the Heart by Betty Hayzlett.

Self Portrait by Kelly Beach

This unconventional self portrait above makes great use of complementary colors to move the eye around and create an intriguing sense of atmosphere.

There were a few artworks that were more subtle in color.  

 Blue Car by Karen Bubb

There is no blue in the artwork below, that is a reflection.  Those of you in town will have to go see this one in person as I'm afraid the photo does not do it justice.

And God Said by Sue Latta

Old Oak Jar by Jerry Hendershot

There is a variety of media and styles represented in the artworks.  The exhibition will be up through March 25.

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Kathleen Probst said...

I went to this exhibit on Saturday not knowing who was exhibiting in that space. I just happened by. It was a surprise to recognize so many artworks.