Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Linda's House

On St. Patrick's day, I spent most of the day with several artist friends, Linda McLaughlin, Kathleen Probst and Barbara Huck. We talked shop, shared artwork and enjoyed a nice lunch. Always a fun time.

Here is a piece of fabric that Linda printed and it was featured in an article she wrote for Quilting Arts magazine.

As we were at Linda's house, we got to look at her art book library.  This is just a very small section of it.

And this is one of Linda's daily project pieces.  I love the colors in this one.  You can read more about her daily projects (yes, she has more than one) on her blog.

I had Linda make me a thermofax screen and we played with it a little to see what it looks like.  Here it is printed on fabric.

Yes, it's just lines, but I'm excited about the possibilities of this screen.  I can do so many things by overlapping and turning the screen.

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