Saturday, November 17, 2012

Inside View

Last night was the opening reception for the Treasure Valley Artists' Alliance's Inside View exhibition.  It is at the Boise State Public Radio offices on Park Center Blvd.

Both Kathleen and I have a piece in the exhibition.  It was nice to see some new artist names in the show.  There were also a few more 3D pieces than usual.

One especially interesting piece was made by Marilyn Cosho.  She created a miniature replica of some of the rooms in Frida Kahlo's house.  The details are amazing and she has pictures of the real room to compare with the rooms she created.  If you are into Frida, it's worth checking out.

The food area was also cleverly done with blueprints used for a tablecloth and decoration.

This nice watercolor is by Melissa Chambers and the guy sitting in the chair, Mike Chambers, happens to be the president of the Treasure Valley Artists' Alliance.


Pam McKnight said...

Great re cap of the show. Do I have your permission to post a link on the TVAA FB page?

Leigh said...

I love miniatures! When I was little, Mom and Grandma would take me to the Phoenix Art museum and my favorite part (and the only part I remember) was the miniature rooms - tiny Louis XV replicas, fabulous castles, manor kitchens. Loved it. Wish I could see Frida's house. The rest of the show looks great too - do you have a pic of your piece?

Lisa Flowers Ross said...

My piece isn't in any of the above pictures but I did talk about it in a previous post here: