Wednesday, October 10, 2012


We have a local quilt store that has classes.  I haven't taken any in years, but I still get the newsletter and look to see what they are offering.  This month they are having a class to make Bridget's Bagettes. They are little zipper pouches with a clear vinyl window.

I thought they would be useful to make and have.  So, I was planning to sign up for the class. Then I thought that I didn't need to pay $25 to take the class, I could just buy the pattern and do it on my own.

I went online to see what the pattern cost.  Then, I thought that they looked pretty simple and I think I could figure out how to make it on my own.  I planned to get some vinyl at Jo-Ann's while I was there for something else.

On my way to drop off Anna somewhere and then continue on to Jo-Ann's, we saw a sign for a yard sale and stopped.  I saw a pile of clear vinyl lying on the ground in the form of a hanging shoe bag (with loops, not pockets).  The lady said I could have it for 25 cents.  O.k. great! Now I had the vinyl.

The pattern above uses fat quarters to make the bags but I thought I would like to make mine with a heavier fabric.  While I was at Jo-Ann's I found some home decorator fabric that was on sale and I got some zippers.  I was all set.

This week I finally started working on the commission piece I need to complete.  But while working on it, my mind was distracted by trying to figure out how to make the little bag.  I eventually stopped working on the commission piece and started working on the bags.

My first attempt did not work out well because I saw that the home decorator fabric was a little too heavy to do those nice folded over edges in the picture above.  I tried to work with it another way and it was a mess.  I un-sewed it.

I decided I needed to figure out a different way to make it with my fabric and went searching for ideas online.  I found this tutorial.  But I didn't want the zipper on the edge or the vinyl going all the way to the edge and seeing the raw edge on the inside.  All I took from that tutorial was making the little tabs at the end of the zipper they way she did it.

Then, I figured I would just make up my own way to do it.  The second attempt is actually functional, but a little sloppy because I needed to trim the fabric seams more than I did.

Anna told me she needed a new pencil bag.  So, my third attempt is much neater looking and is for her.

The zippers on both of these are 9" long.  They are fairly large.  But I thought it would be good to hold sewing projects for travel, as I usually just use Ziploc baggies.

I hope to make up a little tutorial sometime and post it here for you.  I will also get some smaller zippers and make a different size.

Now that my brain has solved that problem, I can get back to work!

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Kathleen said...

Haha! You always surprise me! What a fun little detour. I'll be the first to try out your tutorial.