Monday, October 15, 2012


This past weekend was the Boise Open Studio Collective's studio tour event. Artists in the group open their studios to visitors.  I decided to go to a few.

On Saturday, the first studio I went to was Amber Conger's.  Her studio is a converted garage. She works with metal and makes large sculptures and some jewelry.  One of her sculptures is in the Meridian City Hall building.

The next studio I visited was Lisa Cheney-Jorgensen's.  Her studio is also a converted garage with different sections.  The part she had open was small, but very well organized.  I could have spent all day there looking through her art journals she had out, looking at all the things in the studio and chatting with Lisa.

Lisa creates art journals and books, makes original prints, works with mixed media and is a graphic designer.  Her dad made her some great flat files for the space and a printing press.  Lisa is so open and sharing with all her work, some of which is very personal.

Talking with Lisa and looking at her drawings inspired me in my thinking that I should be doing more drawing.  She draws with a pen.  I usually draw with pencil and then go over with pen if I want that effect.  Encouraged by Lisa, I decided to go home and try drawing with a pen directly.

Here is a simple drawing of a leaf.  I was thinking I would try to draw a leaf a day and also practice my watercolor painting, as I haven't done much of it.

I've posted this on my Facebook Art page and will post any more leaf drawings I do, there.  If you would like to see them, you can become a fan of my art page.

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